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Different Types of Screws Used by Handyman That You Should Know

Screw Types: Identification and Use

The size, function, and appearance of screws are similar to those of nails. However, screws include ridges known as threads that are designed to hold the inside of the screw hole when the screw is pushed into the material. There are many different kinds of screws in a variety of sizes and shapes, including some specialist screws like hammer-drive screws or double-ended screws that aren’t utilized with a screwdriver. Although screws may be used with many other types of materials, including concrete, brick, or metal, they are most frequently utilized with wood, drywall, and equipment. Researching the various screw types used by a handyman is advised to increase the security and success of your DIY projects. With some of the types of screws to recognize, this article can help you get started.

Decking Screws

Decking screws are meant to fasten deck boards to deck joists, which will make building and fixing decks simpler. They feature a flat head that is perfect for countersinking just beneath the deck boards, making it simple to paint, stain, and use the deck without being concerned about protruding screws.

Sheet Metal Screws

Employ sheet metal screws to join a piece of sheet metal to a piece of wood, plastic, or even another metal. These screws have thin threads for enhanced grip and sharp heads designed to pierce hard metal surfaces. A variety of sizes and head shapes, including flat, rounded, and hex heads, are available for sheet metal screws.

Double-Ended Screws

Double-ended screws, which are easy to identify because they lack a head, are intended to be placed into two pre-drilled pilot holes to join pieces of wood. They are widely used in the furniture industry and frequently come with pre-fabricated furniture kits, allowing you to swiftly assemble your new desk, table, or bookcase.

Security Screws

Standard screws with a special head that makes them more challenging to remove without the right equipment are security screws. Although they may also be used to help secure private property, these fasteners are a suitable choice for public spaces that are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and tampering.

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