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It’s Time for Home Handyman Services

Your Drywall Might Need Some Repairs

If your walls and ceiling are made of drywall, you must regularly inspect them. If ignored, small drywall damage can quickly worsen. You might have to pay extra for any additional damage in addition to the small cost of the small repair job. This explains why you need to constantly remain on the lookout for new drywall damage signs. Here are three typical signs it’s time for home handyman services to repair your damaged drywall:

Water Stains

Your drywall may sustain significant damage if there is a water leak in your ceiling or pipework. One of the more likely causes of the drywall damage is leaks. The fact that it’s not usually easy to recognize such damage indicators adds to its complexity. Dark patches on your ceiling and a musty odor are two signs that you may have water damage in your drywall. Contact a qualified drywall contractor as soon as you suspect drywall damage for an accurate diagnosis and timely remediation.


Have you noticed any drywall holes? Whatever the size of the holes, this could ultimately leave your drywall vulnerable to severe drywall damage. It usually results from removing a painting or picture frame from your wall. For small holes, simple fixes might be effective, but larger holes might require you to call for professional home handyman services.


Drywall is usually made up of wood, which makes it susceptible to termite damage. To verify if termites are feeding from your drywall, knock on the wall. If there’s a hollow sound, it can mean that there are termites chewing your wall down. The infested area can be cut down and replaced.

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